New 440R Loader

Key Features
  • Compatible with 4R Series Tractors and older 4 Series Tractors of similar size
  • Quik-Park™ loader mounting system for fast, easy attachment and removal
  • Quik-Change™ attachment carrier makes switching from chore to chore a snap
  • Optional skid steer attachment carrier

More Info


Quik-Park™ loader mounting system

NOTE: This video only shows the dismount and mount of the loader without disconnecting the hydraulics. To completely remove the loader, the operator must turn the tractor off, relieve the hydraulics, and then disconnect the hoses from the couplers.

Quik-Park loader mounting systemQuik-Park loader mounting system

The 440R Loader is designed for easy removal and mounting to and from the tractor without tools.


Parking standParking stand

The parking stand, attached to the front frame of the tractor, is an integral part of the loader during loader operation.

The parking stand lowers into position by moving the joystick to the raised position once the latches are opened. This allows the loader to move to the park position.

Tractor backing awayTractor backing away
Optional skid steer attachment carrier
Optional skid steer attachment carrierOptional skid steer attachment carrier

The skid steer attachment carrier is installed in place of the standard John Deere attachment carrier and allows for the use of skid steer attachments on the 440R, H180, H160, and H165 Loaders.

Skid steer attachments are available through Worksite Pro™ attachments.

Quik-Change attachment carrier
Easy removal and mounting of attachmentsEasy removal and mounting of attachments
Close up of Quik-Change attachment mountingClose up of Quik-Change attachment mounting

The Quik-Change attachment carrier allows for fast, easy removal and mounting of attachments without tools.


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