1 Series Subcompact Utility Tractor

The Best Small Tractor for the Homestead DIYer

If you're in need of a powerful and versatile subcompact utility tractor, consider John Deere's 1 Series models. With 23-25 horsepower, these machines are designed to handle a variety of tasks with ease, making them ideal for small-scale farming, landscaping, and other applications.

One of the key benefits of John Deere subcompact utility tractors is their versatility. Despite their compact size, these machines are designed to handle a wide range of tasks, from mowing and tilling to hauling and digging. Additionally, they are built to last, with a focus on quality and strength that you can rely on.

At Potestio Brothers Equipment, your authorized John Deere dealer in Colorado, you can explore a range of compact tractors for sale, including the 1 Series subcompact utility tractors. With our knowledge and expertise in John Deere equipment, we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs and budget while providing guidance and support throughout the purchasing process to ensure you get the right equipment for your needs.
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