6 Series Utility Tractor

The Utility Tractor for When Durability is a Must-Have

John Deere's 6 Series blends cutting-edge technology with a tough utility tractor to produce the most powerful tractors to date. The purpose of this utility tractor is to complete tough jobs rapidly. With horsepower ranging from 105 to 250, these tractors can easily deliver a lot of power. When it comes to a utility tractor that can do it all, the 6 Series is built for chores on the farm, ranch, workplace and anywhere in between. Come see why Potestio Brothers Equipment's 6 Series utility tractor is the best on the market right now.

  • Available in 6E (105-135HP), 6M (110-195HP) and 6R (110-250HP) models
  • CommandPRO™ available on select models
  • Between 3-4 frames available on each series
  • Low cost of operation


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