Which Tractor is the Best-Selling Brand in the U.S?

John Deere 3038 E tractor is mowing the lawn

posted on Thursday, December 15, 2022 in News

Whether you are considering purchasing a new or used tractor, the final decision will come down to which model is the right fit for you. When you begin your tractor search, you’ll want to feel comfortable with the dealer who sells you equipment, who will help differentiate tractor brands and features to help you decide which tractor fits your needs based on how you plan on using it. However, there are brand favorites, and John Deere leads in owner loyalty among tractor owners. 

Is John Deere Equipment Better Than the Rest?
In both 2021 and 2022 reports, John Deere has been ranked the top tractor brand in many categories. Progressive Farmer Reader Insights is a study series created primarily to give voice to farming equipment owners. Here, they describe their experiences working with farm equipment and tractors. In this study, owners get to voice why John Deere is the best. John Deere won the highest Best Ownership Experience for their mid-size and full-size tractors, Most Durable full-size tractors, and Highest Owner Loyalty for their compact, mid-size and full-size tractors.

The reports reveal other brands ranking high along with John Deere, brands like Kubota and New Holland. Those thinking about owning a John Deere want to know why John Deere is better or best. 

Listed here are six reasons customers gravitate toward John Deere tractors and equipment:

  1. Plastic Trumps Metal: John Deere takes its cue from automobile and aerospace engineers and makes their tractor panels out of high-quality polymers, making them infinitely more resilient to impact and the environment than traditional metal. Used chiefly for tractor trim, hoods, and fenders, this plastic material does not rust, can be pounded back into shape, and is resistant to fading.  
  2. Hydrostatic Pedal Configuration: John Deere’s placement of pedals is popular among tractor drivers. Utilizing side pedals for forward and reverse motion, positioned on the right side of the operator station floorboard, the brake pedal is located at the floorboard’s left, saving on floor space. This configuration is like how a car operates, brakes on the left, gas or movement directed from the right. This arrangement may help avoid last-minute judgment calls during an abrupt braking crisis. 
  3. The Integrated Parking Stand is the third reason John Deere is the favored brand. How it works: According to Good Works Tractor Co., a loader joystick will “put down pressure on the bucket,” then each spring-loaded bracket is flipped upwards “from the operation station,” and then the joystick is used for parking the loader. The article from Good Works Tractor Co. goes on to explain: “John Deere has integrated it in a way that allows the stand to move into position as the hydraulics are moved when parking the loader. It is vastly superior and there’s simply no other way to put it.” 
  4. The Bucket: Nearly all John Deere loaders (except one) come equipped with a standard “quick attach” bucket. A quick attach (and, consequently, a quick detach) bucket is great when you want to use the loader for other projects. In its place, convenient attachments can be mounted to the end of the loader arms–attachments like pallet forks, a bale spear, the very popular snow pusher and blade, and a grapple. Although many front-end loaders (like Kubota) come standard with a bucket, they are not quick-attach. That makes a difference, especially since getting an upgrade to a skid steer quick-attach carrier is available, but it will be an added expense. 
  5. John Deere Value: Another reason why John Deere tractors are better than Kubota or Husqvarna is that a John Deere tractor holds its value better than any other brand. This value is why a used John Deere tractor may cost you more than a used tractor from another brand. John Deere equipment does not depreciate as quickly as equipment from other brands, nor does it depreciate far from its original price. 
  6. On-Board Technology: 2022’s Tractor of the Year (www.tractoroftheyear.org) declared that the John Deere 7R AutoPowr tractor is a winner in the Open Field category. Its impressive automation package consists of a wide cab room, the comfort of its cabin room, and consequent field performance. Now you can perform these tasks without downtime to adjust the tractor to your desired jobs. This practical function also prevents traction issues and soil compaction. According to Tractor of the Year: 

“Sustainability is also taken into consideration in the form of a Fuel guarantee-program. Active Command Steering is an example on how the driver can widely adjust the operation to its preferences and needs. EZ ballast makes it possible to automatically install and uninstall 1700 kg of ballast weight, revolutionizing the way farmers and contractors manage ballasting.” 

The best-selling tractor brand in the United States is John Deere. This brand is synonymous with farming equipment, tractors, etc. John Deere’s agriculture and landscaping equipment, with its iconic green and yellow colors, is sold across the country to farmers in the field, suburb dwellers with giant lawns, or residential and commercial landscaping companies. Farmers, construction workers, commercial landscapers, and residential landowners have all made John Deere their go-to brand.

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