The John Deere Tractor Series Breakdown You Need to Know

John Deere 3025 E Compact Tractors on the green lawn

posted on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 in News

We serve all kinds of people with different working needs. Whether you need a tractor for yard work on small acreage, agriculture production, commercial landscaping or anything in-between, having the right John Deere tractor series will make a big difference in the efficiency of your work. However, with the wide range of series options, it can be challenging to keep them all straight. Explore this article for a John Deere tractor series comparison that will help you feel educated and confident in any purchase decisions. 

How can I tell what series my tractor is?

Take a look at the model number to find the John Deere tractor series. Each model number consists of a combination of numbers and letters to help customers understand the tractor’s configuration. The first number in the alphanumeric code represents the series, or family, the tractor belongs to. There are nine series of John Deere tractors that range from 1 to 9. As the series numbers get higher, the tractors become bigger with more intricate capabilities. We carry 1 to 6!

One, Two, Three & Four Series

Out of all the John Deere tractor series, these tractors are smaller but still make a big impact. These tractors are for handling yard work, mowing, raking, plowing and more, on small properties. They’re designed to be simple and easy-to-use so professionals and amateurs alike can operate these machines with ease. They come in a wide variety of price options and capabilities, so you’ll always be able to find one that best fits your budget and operational needs. 

•    Considered the easiest to operate
•    21.5–23.9 HP 
•    Hydrostatic transmissions 
•    Loader lift capacity up to 754 lb. 
•    Drive-over mower decks up to 60 in.
•    1E & 1R options
•    $15,000.00–$18,000.00

•    Considered the “ultimate mini landscaper” 
•    24.2–35.7 HP
•    Hydrostatic transmissions 
•    Loader lift capacity up to 1120 lb. 
•    Drive-over mower decks up to 72 in.
•    $20,000.00–$35,000.00

•    Great for small farming
•    24.7–45.3 HP 
•    Gear or hydrostatic transmissions 
•    Loader lift capacity up to 1122 lb. 
•    Drive-over mower decks up to 72 in.
•    3D, 3E & 3R options
•    $20,000.00–$38,000.00

•    High-horsepower 4-cylinder diesel engine for heavy-duty tasks
•    43.1–65.9 HP
•    Hydrostatic transmissions or PowrReverser ™
•    Loader lift capacity up to 2222 lb. 
•    Pull-Behind rotary cutters up to 72 in. 
•    4M & 4R options 
•    $34,000.00–$49,000.000

Five Series 

These tractors are meant for heavier-duty chores around medium to large sized farms, properties, or roadside areas. Select the best Five Series tractor for your needs with the 5E model for machines with more standard features, or the 5M models that include more premium features and technology-driven capabilities. 

•    Available in 3- or 4-cylinder models 
•    50–100 HP
•    2WD or MFWD 
•    5-year Powertrain warranty 
•    Available in a variety of cab options 
•    $28,000.00–$76,000.00

•    Multiple transmission options 
•    73–128 HP
•    2WD or MFWD 
•    Climate-controlled cab options
•    5,950 lb. – 7,860 lb. Hitch lift capacity 
•    $68,000.00–$85,000.00

Six Series 

The Six Series tractors are built to last. They’re great for utility chores on the farm, ranch or worksite where power, durability and performance are requirements. Choose from 6E, 6M and 6R models to find the tractor with the specific features and capabilities that check all your boxes.

•    Considered the simplest compared to 5M & 5E
•    105–135 HP
•    2WD or MFWD 
•    12/12 or 24/12 hi-lo PowrReverser™ transmission
•    $81,000.00–$109,170.00
•    Four frame options 
•    110–195 HP
•    Redesigned nose-down hood improves visibility 
•    20 HP boost with Intelligent Power Management 
•    $127,000.00–$208,000.00

•    Max comfort is good for long days in the field 
•    110–250 HP
•    John Deere FT PowerTech™ 4-cylinder engines
•    5-year Powertrain warranty
•    AutoQuad™ or IVT transmissions  
•    $180,000.00–$330,00.00

Now you’re up-to-speed with the John Deere tractor series breakdown. Is it clear which tractor is the best fit for your operations? Contact us today to learn more!

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