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Compact Utility Tractor

posted on Friday, July 8, 2022 in News

When looking for information about compact utility tractors, there are two basic questions that people need answered. First, what exactly is a compact utility tractor, and second, what is the difference between a compact utility tractor and a utility tractor. We have answers to both questions, along with some additional information about how to make that choice for your land-working needs.

What is a compact utility tractor (CUT)?

Compact utility tractors, also known as compact tractors or grounds maintenance tractors, are designed for homeowners with small acreage, small farms, landscaping, and even some light construction. More specifically, compact utility tractors fall within these parameters:

  • Designed with a weight under 4,000 lb.
  • Operate with up to 40 PTO hp
  • Come with mower decks from 48 to 72 inches
  • Equipped with agricultural bar-tread, turf, or industrial bar-tread tires

What is the difference between a compact utility tractor and a utility tractor?

There are some users who will refer to a compact utility tractor by the common term utility tractor, but there is a difference between compact and otherwise. Utility tractors are larger, will have a cab to sit in and will have a larger horsepower capacity to tackle pretty much anything you want to accomplish.

Compact utility tractors cannot be undersold though, as they can tackle the to-do list of many landowners. It comes down to your specific needs and a few considerations when looking to purchase this equipment.

How to determine if a compact utility tractor is right for you.

Understanding your land-working needs — What acreage, landscape and terrain are you working with?

With choices between sub-compact, compact and standard utility tractor sizes, you can consider that with just a few acres to manage, the 1 Series sub-compacts and 2 Series compacts are great options. If you have more land, 3-5 acres, you can step up to the 3 Series. If you have 10-12 acres, you will probably want to consider the 4 Series tractors, as they can comfortably manage larger plots of land.

Where will you store your compact utility tractor?

The space you have available to stow your compact utility tractor and any implements will help determine which series of CUT tractor is right for you. Consider any gates, paths, and the garage space that you have. The John Deere 1 Series tractors are the only compact utility tractors that can safely maneuver into and out of a regular garage.

Any of the larger series are too large and wouldn’t clear standard dimensions. If your work cannot be done with a sub-compact tractor, you can opt for adjusting your property. Find, or free up barn storage and adjust any gates you will need to maneuver through to accommodate a 2, 3 or 4 Series tractor.

What horsepower is needed to perform your routine or daily chores?

Look at your complete list of work to be done. If there are additional operators who will be working with your equipment, speak with them to understand what they encounter on your land. The lineup of John Deere compact utility tractors offers a wide range in horsepower, starting at 22.4 with the 1 Series, and going up to 65.9 with the 4 Series. When operating your tractor for basic farming tasks, like manure handling, consider a compact tractor with 25 to 45 hp, but as shown above, when you move into larger acreage you might potentially be using rakes, scrapes and spreaders which can have a potential to buck if you are not using a higher horsepower.

Fortunately, there is a John Deere compact utility tractor for several levels of work before you must consider moving up into the utility tractor price range. Once you know all of your considerations, please reach out to your closest Potestio Brothers location and let us help you find the right compact utility tractor for you.

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