Benefits of Buying John Deere Tractors & Riding Mowers

posted on Friday, July 23, 2021 in News

John Deere S220 42-Inch Mower

When it comes to tractors and riding mowers, there’s a long list of options with John Deere ranked high up on that list. And it’s with good reason. John Deere has been making equipment since the late 1830s with a rich history in innovation. We often get asked Is Deere really the best riding lawn mower for the money? The same goes for tractors. The short answer is yes. Here are some of the top reasons we believe John Deere outpaces the competition.

Premium comfort and safety features

More often than not, when you find your property or chore list is in need of a riding mower or tractor, you’re planning to spend a significant amount of time in the seat. For this reason, you’re going to want equipment that can be adjusted to your individual proportions and safely support you as you ride over bumpy terrain, haul materials or mow acres of land. The engineers at Deere have a profound understanding of balancing strength, comfort and safety, prioritizing these elements in all of their designs. You’ll find operator station controls placed thoughtfully and ergonomically so you can easily reach them, high-backed and generously padded adjustable seats with and without suspensions. Plus, you’ll also find innovative technology that simplifies your workload and equipment maintenance. This includes features like one-touch mulch control and height of cut adjustment that can be managed from your operator station. Then there’s exclusive tech, like the self-containing 30-Second Oil Change System that’s available on certain riding mowers and only through Deere. You’ll also find sound and reliable safety features integrated throughout your equipment. This is achieved through sturdy and dependable roll over protective structures, or ROPS, on compact tractors and zero turn mowers that help protect the rider, and a reverse implement option, or RIO switch, for engaging your mowing deck and implements when your equipment is in reverse. As an additional layer of safety, the RIO switch must be deliberately engaged or it will automatically shut off, preventing you from finding yourself accidentally mowing or operating in reverse.

Easy and convenient operation

Hydrostatic transmission systems paired with thoughtful engineering, like control placement we mentioned earlier, makes Deere equipment easier to operate. It’s important to note that not all hydrostatic transmissions are created equal. For starters, Deere’s twin-touch hydrostatic transmission systems provide side-by-side pedals instead of confusing levers and pedals that are placed in various areas around your operator station. This takes the confusion out of driving and breaking, providing straightforward stopping, going and changing directions. You’ll also find that you can do a lot from your seat. Depending on your equipment and your model, there’s a host of features that allow you to do things like fast parking for a front-end loader and switching from bagging your lawn clippings to mulch mowing without getting out of the operator station—all in little to no time. This makes a world of difference when you’ve got a lot of property to cover or a long list of chores to check off your list. You’ll also find auto and quick connecting implements and attachments like drive-over mowing decks and a great deal more.

Top-of-the-line, real time and resale value

When you think of the overall product and the resale value, John Deere takes the cake. While you are paying a premium price, you’ll also find premium features across the board to match. From comfort and convenience to cosmetic, wearability and reliability features, this equipment is engineered to deliver on value. You can expect fuel and liquid efficiency enhancements with longer service intervals for more uptime among many others that ultimately save owners time and money in the short and long run. Take the tractors, for example, Deere uses polyresin in place of metal on the hood and several other areas that are exposed to the elements because it stands up to time and wear a whole lot better. This results in fewer imperfections, less color fading and an overall newer looking appearance for a lot longer, increasing your equipment’s worth over its life span.

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